Access to modern electricity and rural electrification


    Technical support to the Rural Electrification by Renewable Energies (ERER) program in the Sava Region - Hydroelectric installations and distribution networks

    2017 - 2021 / SHER-KfW

    Assistance to the project management with the ADER for the realization of 5 hydroelectric projects in the region of Sava. This assistance is divided into two phases : the preparatory phase and the monitoring / implementation phase. As a subcontractor of the Artelia-Sher group, MARGE provides technical, financial and operational support to the following missions : assistance to the PMU in matters related to the conclusion of contracts, financial monitoring of the project, follow-up of work execution schedules, participation in meetings, identification of training needs and application of training modules.

  • DRC, Mozambique, Rwanda

    Support to the formulation and execution of intervention in the field of electricity

    2016 - 2020 / Belgium Development Agency

    In line with the fields of intervention of the CTB in the sector of the energy in DRC, Rwanda and Mozambique, MARGE is expected to carry out the following activities: 1) assistance to project identification (energy and electricity sector analysis, technical and economic (pre)feasibility studies, project identification and design); 2) Project backstopping (On-demand strategic, methodologic, and technical advice, risk management, technology transfer, capacity building, training, coaching and capitalisation of lessons-learnt); 3) Assistance to project execution (assure independent monitoring and evaluation of activities; assure best practices and quality and safety measures of construction sites; elaborate procurement specifications for works and services; elaborate Terms of Reference for project activities; support project auditing).


    Follow Up Of Pilot Market Study Consultancy On Small Solar Systems in Mozambique

    2016 - 2017 / BTC

    Following the results of a study made by MARGE in June 2016 regarding a Design of market development approach of small solar systems in Mozambique, FUNAE has decided to carry out three key pilot projects demonstrating some potential and viable private sector possibilities in the development of a commercial market for solar equipment. Each business proposal will be realized by a private company, which will receive some financial assistance for willing to start this as a pilot operation. The activities will be implemented commercially with the expectation that these can be rolled out on a larger scale in the future, whereby private companies co-invest in the expansion. The three pilots are:(i) PAYGO (ii) Solar battery Charging Stations (iii) Maintenance services for institutional PV systems. Private firms will be selected based on their technical and financial proposals for each of these 3 pilots.


    Support to renewable energy sector portfolio

    2016 / ASI - ELAN RDC

    This assignment takes place within the frame of a 5 year Private Sector Development Programme in the DRC, implemented by ASI and financed by DFID. Its objective is to provide design and implementation support across ÉLAN RDC’s renewable energy portfolio.


    Scaling up Electricity Access in the DRC

    2016 / Economic Consulting Associates (ECA)

    The Scaling up Electricity Access project is implemented by the Economic Consulting Associates in association with SADER, and financed by the WB. MARGE supports ECA in the fields of private sector assessment and priority investments (Consultations with operators and project developers, development of database of projects and development of pipeline of initial investments for the WB), as well as on the institutional framework design (development of a financing and technical assistance mechanism).