1995 : creation of MARGE in France

MARGE founders, Marie-Pascale Bizot, Ana Gonzalez-Besteiro, Gérard Madon and Michel Matly, share a common vision of working towards environmental protection and economic development and realize activities in Europe as well as in developing countries.

2001 : creation of MARGE NETHERLANDS

In 2001, the arrival of Robert van der Plas (current director of MARGE) in the team leads to the creation of an office in Oldenzaal, in The Netherlands.

2007 : MARGE headquarters move to Toulouse.

MARGE activities focus more and more on energy access, renewable energy and energy efficiency all around the world, in developing countries in priority (Africa, Asia, Latin America).

2013 : MARGE opens two new offices in Germany and Tunisia.

In 2013, MARGE renews a part of its team and opens two more offices in Frankfurt (Germany) and Tunis (Tunisia).