Our objectives

MARGE is an employee-owned consulting firm promoting sustainable development at the nexus of energy, environment and climate change in developing countries.

The Sustainable Energy for All – SE4ALL – initiative launched by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in 2011 comprises of three interlinked objectives that constituted MARGE’s core business since its inception in 1995:

  • Improve access to sustainable energy services;
  • Promote energy efficiency;
  • Tackle climate change;

The Sustainable Development Scenario introduced by the IEA in the World Energy Outlook 2017 in November 2017 further offers an integrated way to achieve the energy-related SDG’s goals and links it to sustainable economic development: climate stabilisation, cleaner air and universal access to modern energy, while also reducing energy security risks.

In order to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth and a positive impact for all stakeholders, MARGE experts also advocate for the following crosscutting activities:

  • Stimulate the productive use of renewable energy as part of the energy access strategy;
  • Build local capacity to undertake sustainable energy related activities
  • Encourage an integrated and participatory approach at all levels of society.